Led indicator for GoPro


A visual status indicator for the GoPro® Camera.


Know what your GoPro Camera is doing at all times!

Turned On by HYPOXIC

The first true hard-wired status indicator for extreme sports, tells you the exact status of your GoPro Camera while it’s mounted on your head.

Its ultra-bright LEDs shine unmistakably in your peripheral vision: blue for “standby,” red for “record” and yellow for “warning/error.”

The Turned On device gets your mind back in the game -- and off your helmet-mounted GOPRO® HERO3, HERO3+ and HERO4. As you know, optimal performance in extreme sports requires an absolutely clear head (and nothing good can happen when personal safety takes a backseat to a blinking light).



Red LED for GoPro

  • In-your-face indication - Keep your eyes on the action -- and finally stop worrying about your camera. Turned On uses a super-bright, three-color LED indicator, which shines blue for “standby/ready,” red for “record” and yellow for “warning/error.”

  • Preemptively indicates problems -  A blinking yellow light warns you before problems become disasters. You’ll never again be caught off-guard by the four most common errors: the wrong mode, a low battery, low memory card space, and high camera temperatures.

  • Eliminates frustrating surprises - Missing card? Accidentally left the camera in “settings” mode? A solid yellow LED lights up when recording is not possible, so you won’t miss the shot.

  • Built to last - Turned On’s adjustable, rubberized display, and ABS encased electronics were designed specifically for extreme sports, by professional extreme sports cameramen.

  • Custom back seals and protects - The polycarbonate, water-resistant back keeps the camera secure and dry.

  • Sips power - Turned On’s highly efficient design uses minimal power from the camera -- and only does so when it’s powered on. The Turned On accessory never needs to be charged. It’s always on standby, ready for the action!

  • Hardwired, for your peace of mind - Turned On’s hardwired design takes away the nagging worry of interference (or Wi-Fi dropouts).

  • Powerful Toolkit - Turned On’s custom software adds powerful features - Optionally camera connects as a modifiable USB drive! No more write protected "Camera" accessory to contend with! No need for a card reader!




The electronics are the same in both versions of Turned On by HYPOXIC. The backs are tailored to your particular case.

  • GoPro HERO4 Black and Silver Model: Turned On H3+/H4
    Standard Case sku:GH0050

  • GoPro HERO3+ Black and Silver: Turned On H3+/H4
    Standard Case sku:GH0050

  • GoPro HERO3 Black and Silver: Turned On H3
    Dive Housing "Case WITH screws" sku:GH0051

Turned On is case specific, not camera specific. Please confirm with photo before purchasing.


Common Questions

Is it hard to install?

No! Simply click off the existing back door to your camera and click in our custom backdoor. Next, use our intuitive application to install Turned On on your GoPro Camera. Finally, slide Turned On into your GoPro Camera, and you are ready for almost any action sport!

LED for GoPro HERO


Why do I need this?

In most action sports, safety should be your primary concern. With GoPro Cameras, it’s too easy to be so distracted by camera status that you forget about your safety procedures. With, Turned On, you’ll always know that your camera is problem-free and ready to go. (Of course, this means no more hilarious “Am I blinking?” faces -- but we think you’ll live.)

Why not the Wi-Fi Remote?

The Wi-Fi Remote works just fine under controlled laboratory conditions. In the real world, however, it’s always uncharged, it quickly drains your camera’s battery and it’s highly susceptible to RF interference. Beyond that, the remote’s small screen and indicators make it impossible to know what’s going on during high-adrenaline sports like ours.

Will it work in any mode?

Your camera will operate normally with Turned On installed. It will still work with the Wi-Fi app and remote. When the unit is removed, GoPro Inc.’s existing backpack products will work as normal.

How does it know I’m in the wrong mode?

Turned On will warn you when you accidently hit the mode button one too many times and are not in the default “power on” mode. The camera will still record just fine in this mode -- but Turned On will make sure you’re aware of the current setting.

Is it waterproof?

Turned On with its custom back was designed to be water-resistant, but is not meant to be submerged. If you plan on submerging Turned On, you must first test all gaskets without the camera installed.

How does it really work?

Turned On works much like Magic Lantern for Canon Cameras. A small application, which runs in the background,reads the camera’s status and sets the LEDs appropriately.


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